REVIEW: A Slopeway in front of Silom Complex


ภาพ ทางลาด หน้าอาคารสีลมคอมเพล็กซ์

From my perspective as a real user and customer, I would like to give you focus review.

1) The slope degree is definitely not correct. It doesn’t the the legitimate law (1:12).
2) The length, highly likely, less than 6 meters. (fit on the accessible law? – need to be onsite)
3) The surface material is slippery which easily leads to an accident. (doesn’t the the legitimate law)
4) The handrail is inappropriate, improper for actual functionality. (doesn’t the the legitimate law)
5) This design illustrates an old ideology of separation. It doesn’t reflect an inclusive society and independent living. In short, it doesn’t blend well with the environment. I feel separated when using it.

Moreover, it is blocked now by a barricade for some reasons, probably due to a slippery accident by some people. I feel like to meet up with the design team.

There are other serious issues I don’t talk about now such as accessible parking and toilet inside the mall.
The best way to prove this is to bring the mall’s management, put them on wheelchair and try going around the mall and test on this slope.

This is Thailand Law:กฏหมายไทยที่เกี่ยวข้องกับคนพิการ/

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