Priority Car Parking at Central Grand Rama 9 Supers, Well Done!!!


Rama IX
I went there since last Thursday.
The image was taken place on the 3rd floor during its closing time, not during the day.
I asked security guards about any abuses of disabled parking.

They replied that most of the time were quite empty.
Almost no one illegally parked on it, only just sometimes which the security guard would definitely immediately check.
This answer made me feel so delightful.

Just remind yourself that disabled parking is designed specifically for a people who really need.
If you know yourself that you are not in that category, just find somewhere else instead.
A society consists of the people, of you and me. If we do good things as a whole, the society becomes good simultaneously.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Central Grand Rama9.
Thank you for making this happening.

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