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I’m living in prison

Thai laws and regulations are actually great, yet its enforcement to make it into practice is still highly ‘unsatisfied’.
Most buildings, if not all, are built in disregard to the inclusive accessibility ‘for everyone’. They include residential buildings like condo and rental apartment, office buildings, and almost every place in our daily life.

My current condominium, where I’m residing, is a great example. The elevator is placed on the mezzanine floor. Every person needs to get access only through the staircase in order to use it. No wonder if this poor design would affect terribly a live of anyone with less-abled body.

To the best of my knowledge, most PWDs almost never give up living their life, to enhance and enrich their conditions. Yet what actually turns out as a huge obstacle is the society they’re living in. It is society, perhaps, that’s disabled, not me. That’s why I initiated the Accessibility Is Freedom 5 years ago and have worked effortlessly since then. I promise that I’ll do my best to make the equality and accessibility come into reality.

If you don’t really need it today, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t need it tomorrow.

Support us, for yourself and your family for everyone.

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