Do not be smelly farang

ภาพ ฝรั่งขับมอเตอร์ไซด์ จอดหน้าทางม้าลาย

The general opinion would think of people from [developed countries] as well-mannered, courteous, and highly respect rule of law. This is conceivable as their countries’ law punish severely the wrongdoers and are usually enforced to the letters, making people do nothing else but simply obey it.

[Thailand] As we know, many Thai laws are not followed to the letters. The law enforcement is too loose. This makes disorder and chaos so prevalent throughout the society.

I experienced this last evening at Asoke intersection in the very heart of Bangkok…

First I saw this white foreigner on his awesome motorcycle stopped at the front of the red crosswalk zone. (he illegally bypassing crosswalk). Then, within seconds, he swiftly ran a red light!!!

What a cool guy, doesn’t he?

His act now was the same with other motor wrongdoers in this city. An act that causes so much troubles and annoying.

I personally disguise this kind of behaviour. It’s like they’re taking advantage and disrespectful.

When they’re in their country, they follow and respect all rules of law strictly because they know they would get punished if they don’t comply.
When they’re in Thailand, they don’t follow and respect rules of law because they know they wouldn’t get punished even if they don’t comply.

They think they can do anything here in this flawed country. To be honest, I don’t like it.

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