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The Young Gen Meet Up 2016

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Young Gen
Meet Up
Last Saturday,
I had a lecture at Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities, in Pattaya.
These young students had been studying in Information Systems Development area for two years and they were about to graduate.
They’re going to split out and walk on their own ways. And I was there to inspired them.

As a very senior who already passed along the roads, my purpose today thus was to seeding inspirations on their minds,
and pointed out the countless choices of future opportunities they could walk.
I hoped that, at least, their perspectives toward the world would be broader and more opened.

I am confident that they would have great ambition and enthusiasm to pursue their goals.
And they’re going to be a powerful jigsaw to leverage for the better society.

Yes it is ours society, our country and our world.


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