[Special Lecture] “BE THE ONE” | Living Disability Service Center

ภาพ ทุกคนถ่ายรูปร่วมกัน ยกนิ้วโป้ง

29 June 2023

Was a very special opportunity to give a lecture and receive feedback from our new psychosocial disability
friends.My job is to wake you up, to let everyone know that in one society, no matter who we are or what physical condition we have, it is undeniable that “everyone” must help each other and cannot ignore it. Because in the end, we will all be impacted positively, and that is the origin of the term “active citizen.”

Today was so much fun! I reached out to all of you, do remember -we have made an appointment- 🤪

Thank you (Tem+Eva+Bai Bua) for representing the youth team, the new generation, who always join and support me.

Thank to P’Kim, let’s BE THE ONE!

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