Public space with superb cleanliness, comfortable, safe, and totally accessible for all.

The vast majority of public space of Bangkok or perhaps, the whole country of Thailand, is still extremely inaccessible and uncomfortable, and certainly not safe enough for people’s life. This short video reflects the statement clearly, with no doubt, and also manifests that it is far worse for wheelchair user.

This is what happens in real life. With highly unwalkable footpath, the PWDs, including myself, we have no choice but to step down onto the road surface along with fellow vehicles.

The urban development and public space design must be built in coincidence with the expansion of public transportations. Indeed, it is must be urgently included in long-term development plan, according to the National Strategy, for everyone to be able to just walk safely. In the end, the city would go through major gentrification to be cleaner, safer, more comfortable, and more accessible. One a man can get from A to B, they would soon welcome a door of opportunities.


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