Accessibility Is Freedom Fundraising 2017

Because of truly hard working and everybody’s valuable contribution, it leaded me to get to an involvement of wide range of connection from all around the world. It was deeply my pleasure to get to know every one of you. Fantastic!

Among those amazing people, there was one strong woman named Teacher’ Awn. I initially got to know her from an announcement for volunteering in translation work. She and her family is residing in Australia. We tried to keep updated and sharing some talks and opinions about the topic. Then, after that, I came to know more about her job that she was teaching students with special needs and, surprisingly, the one who is behind the scene of tremendously other social contribution’s activities. She exemplifies a hero in real life who do good things without necessarily announcing it to the world.

When she came back to Thailand, I never missed a chance to get to meet her in person.
It finally came out with “AccessibilityIsFreedom Fundraising 2017” plan.
I had to say this, Teacher’ Awn and her family who initiated this project and also the one that financially helped accomplishing the target plan.

Here are lists of great supporters on this very project#1:

  1. Awn Uttama Love King (As the AccessibilityIsFreedom Fundraising 2017 Project Manager / Australia)
  2. Tanet Bonbon
  3. Jinjuta Leelasupasakul
  4. Suppanut Tongyuruan
  5. Thiprada Pine Takdumrongkul
  6. Arunya Meaw Carmichael
  7. Aor Sk
  8. Piyarat Tangmayteekul
  9. Kotch KA
  10. Pam Pamelo
  11. Peereeya Wangsirikul
  12. SN Busaba

My appreciation is delivered to every one of you and every other supporter. Every single Baht would be optimized for public purpose and you could always check for the account activities on this link.

We shall keep moving forward altogether!
Accessibility Is Freedom

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