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A Dangerous Footpath at prominent Victory Monument.

ภาพ ทางเท้า มองจากมุมบน เห็นทางเท้ายาวๆ

Days ago I posted this an image with a sole comment “such a dangerous footpath”. Today I’d like to elaborate a little more.

The footpath is located right next to the elevator when you step off the BTS Victory Monument station. It’s on the “hospital side” (opposite The Ideo Q Victory condo) of the road. Though newly built, this footpath shows signs of malfunction and quickly deteriorates as the followings:

1. The braille block is too narrow, risky of accident
Heading to the Victory Monument, there are lots of street obstacles all along the way. It’s too close to the road and the station’s lift. No barrier is introduced to protect the blind from the road way. (Ironically that it’s so hard to build since there is no enough space.)

2. Obstacles seen ‘on’ the braille block
The pole, the ads billboard, and the trees. All of this increases chance of accident, refusing the maximum safety standard.

3. The braille block is too complicated.
It’s not built with the straight line possible. You can recognise its many curves, close your eyes and try to walk like the blind then you will know what I’m saying.

4. Height difference between road surface and footpath
This is increasingly a serious issue. Presumably, the height is almost half a meter with no fence, colour sign, or handrail at all to prevent pedestrians. See image with No.4 and you’ll quickly understand how hazardous it is. From this perspective, the footpath and road surface blends nicely that one would rarely distinguish it.

5. Connectivity
This brand-new refurbishment of footpath ends at the skywalk (before reaching the heart roundabout of the area). This makes the blind and PWDs difficult in getting around since the old area (not yet refurbished) is highly inaccessible.

In my view, the roundabout shall be the priority in receiving upgrades because it’s the centre heart of the whole area.

6. Ramp is unavailable
Making it almost impossible for PWDs to get in a taxi or bus. As mentioned previously on No.4, and as you can look from Google StreetView, the huge gap serves as a hindrance for everyone. Also, I doubt that those “non-step bus” would be able to pick up PWDs.

I kindly ask the Governor of Bangkok as well as the Director of District that we want to enjoy footpath of high quality, that’s truly and proudly accessible for all.

What you might not know is that our laws are already clearly stated, and engineering standard acquired. We almost have it all. It’s only the authorities, the men in charge, to “enforce” the law strictly and honestly. That’s the way to make our city clean, safe, and really accessible for all and it is easy to make it happen.

29 September 2020
Accessibility Is Freedom






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