“The Accessible Trip – the trip for all” A journey of 16 days on 2 countries has been accomplished!

ภาพซาบะกำลังตั้งอกตั้งใจ เก็บภาพมุมสูงที่แยกชิบูย่า โดยใช้โทรศัพท์แปะกับไม้เซลฟี่
[Saba was trying to do the overhead video shooting at Shibuya intersection]
Accessible Trip
the trip for all
I headed to Japan to search for new things as well as gather the insights for making comparison in all dimensions.
I set very high goal for this trip as I planned ahead almost one year.
I am confident that the inputs collected will be highly beneficial for our further development.
I want to walk you through some of my stories about this trip.

  1. PWD passengers have been facing difficulty on air travel for long, especially those local low-cost airlines.
    This was what I aware of it, so I chose Vietnam Airlines this time to test the differences between the others.
  2. During transferring in Vietnam, I explored its airport deliberately to make comparison with Suvarnabhumi Airport, specifically its accessible facilities.
  3. This time I focused on a central of Japan like Osaka, Kyoto, Takayama and Tokyo. I took this opportunity to try using all public transportations that they have on hands, except by boat. We rented a car driving to capture the spectacular view of Mt.Fuji and Tokyo, charming city of Kyoto as well as Tokyo, or highly developed area in city and distant area in upcountry.
  4. Having a chance to get to know disabled community in Japan whose their movement for human rights and equality has always been fighting for the past 40 years. Many of them got triumph and set the new standard for the country. We had a great talk and exchanged our viewpoints on each other toward what kind of future we wanted to actualize for the next generation. During this moment I felt something ineffable inside, just knowing that it’s full with hope. This talk of future alone was priceless and probably worthy than the rest of the trip combined. I was so truly appreciative.

However, one problem raised in the middle of the trip that some of my instruments got lost.
Although something had been returned, some never come back like my Ipad which was very important one.
This sadly affected the schedule and performance of my Facebook Live. However, the show must go on as always.

In overall, I’m so satisfied and this trip would never be done successfully if I didn’t have someone behind the scene, my beloved girlfriend. The one who has been always beside me and did an excellent works including being a photographer preparing for itinerary, and accompanying me along the road to the goal.

This “The Accessible trip – the trip for all”, my purpose for everyone.
Thanks for all your supports, more stories will be posted day by day, stay tuned!

Accessibility Is Freedom
04/23/2017 11:50am

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Saba is wheeling along the subway walking path
[All we have to do is “Just Go”]

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