Why our government doesn’t provide fully accessible facilities, “Elevators and Ramps…. These are enough!!”

It is not easy to encourage people with disabilities
to step out of their comfort zone and start living-out to the public communities.

It is the government’s responsibilities to help them having normal living life
and also living equally and in harmony with people in their communities.

Some of community’s facilities such as accessible parking lots
should be built differently due to extra accessing spaces are needed.

If we can choose, people with disabilities would love to share facilities
and live peacefully in the community.
That’s right, we don’t want to be viewed as aliens in the community.

Elevator is one of facilities which benefit to everyone in the community.
Who can use it? For a perfect piece of information, I should give some examples:
community members, tourists with heavy suitcases, parents with prams,
people with poor health conditions, women in high heels, elders and etc.

In the past, some of the government’s projects such as BTS, MRT and Airport Rail Link
have been offering poorly accessible facilities.
For example, elevators and ramps have been providing in only some stations.
As we can see, people with disabilities aren’t able to access in every single station.

The Administrative court already ordered to BTS
that they need to provide these facilities.
Why don’t they do it?

The Purple Line / Bang Yai and Bang Sue,
is a new metro train project that provides the service within the next 2 months.
At the station, there are 4 gateways provided.
Surprisingly, there are ramps and elevators only in one gateway on each side of the road.
This poor service plan is causing us difficulty to travel via MRT.

The picture below, people with disabilities are able to access only via one gateway on each side of the road.
The area, which marked in red, has some obstacles for us to travel pass,
especially people in wheelchairs will suffer most.
The fact is that, even walking from one gateway to another one
on the same side of the street, 200 meters apart,  “it is still impossible”.

(Sorry for the Thai text mark in the pictures, I will get it fix asap : Saba)


Every one of us knows by their hearts that the most important
and the most righteous thing is the government must support people with disabilities
to have equal accessibility same as other community members.


Transportation is one of the most necessary things in life
and it also is the key to support people with disabilities
to be able to work and become a tax payer.

For those I have said,
this problem is only the lack of opportunities for disable people who living in town,
I haven’t mentioned problems for those who living in up country yet.
And I have tried to follow up and the answered was “These are enough!!”

How do you feel when you hear about it?


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