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Urgent help need to a young wheelchair boy for his new battery!

I’ve known this young wheelchair boy for quite so long. He moved to his home town, Lopburi province, his school is 4km away from his house. His family decided to buy a 3-wheeled electric motorcycle so that he is able to go to school by his own.

Currently the vehicle’s battery is dead, and his family needs to get and pick him up from school every day.

Therefore, I would like your financial aid which will be used for:
1) Purchase budget for new battery
2) Another budget for installing cost

I wholeheartedly trust in our kindness, in Thai’s compassion to help each other when needed.
No matter how inferior one’s physical is, we can struggle to enrich our lives to be a decent person at the end. (Though I just worry helping them in a wrong way)

We’re always here to help lift someone’s lives for the better. This cause is also done through Accessibility Is Freedom. Also I guarantee you that the donored money will be 100% spent very carefully and optimizely. Please inform me via Facebook’s page inbox once you already make a transfer. Thank you very much.

Account information: (send msg to me as #ForAumBoon):

Bank : KBank
Branch : Paradisc Park
Account No : 628-2-29912-5
Account Name : Manit Intharapim
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[Paypal] [email protected]


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