Today is my UBER Day!!

Not often that there comes an occasion that I will need to use a taxi.
I really don’t want to take a taxi much because as I’m a wheelchair user, which is not comfortable, and I have loads of my stuff.
Since it is inevitable, I need to do so. Now, I have three options; ordinary taxi, Grab car, and Uber. I picked up the last choice.

The morning ride:
So easy, downloading Uber app and register. Within few minutes I’m ready to request the Uber taxi.
I have a very important appointment at 9 o’clock and I must be there 30 minutes in advance.
So I told the driver to go quicker as he can.

As I was in rush and so worry about the time, I accidentally forgot my bag when I got off the car.
I directly headed to do my job without the knowing that I just did a serious mistake.
About 30 minutes later, a security guard, with a bag on hand, walked to me and asked me if I was the bag’s owner.
First I was so dazed and then realized at the moment that I forgot my bag.
I confirmed him that I was its owner and he returned the bag to me.
Impressively, the stuff inside my bag values beyond 10,000 Baht and it’s all still there.
Moreover, the Uber driver who kindly returned this bag didn’t ask anything in return.
I was so thankful and, in the next day, made a call directly to thank him.
Mr. Suchart, you are very kind of Uber driver, or Uber and we need more and more on our society today.

I would like to narrate more a little bit about my forgotten stuff in the past.
Back to 20 years ago, before I’d had yet my own car, I used to forget a bag worthy inside of 40,000 Baht cash on a taxi. (1,100USD+)
That time I didn’t get it back. It was the deepest nightmare really.
That was one of the main reasons that changed my perspective as well as my habit to be more thorough.
Then, I began to save money and decide to purchase my first own car later on.

The evening ride:
Again, I took a Uber back with more careful concern about my stuff.
This time, I got Mr. Suthee and amazingly, he resisted to charge me nothing.
So I got an absolutely free ride in return trip. Thank you again Mr. Suthee, it was too good for me but he denied to charged me.

Oh what a UBER day,  for me really is.

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