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The reflection from our work: ‘Equality of life is possible’, the truth that you have to know.

After an intensive of SabaLive work, here are the main points I would like to highlight;

  1. PWDs are strong.
    Although most of PWDs, in-fact every human love to be able to live their own life, as you notice me carrying a heavy wheelchair into and out from my car. I’d like to tell you that we want to rely on ourselves as much as we could. The independent living!
  2. Priority Parking at Foodland.
    You might notice a couple of grandpa and grandma who parked next to me on the priority parking at Foodland. I just believe that they don’t necessarily need to use it as they could walk a bit more, (and that’s mean they could do the exercise by their owns). If I’m not wrong, I used to have a talk with them about their priority parking usability on my previous Facebook Live, and they still did the same.
  3. A Man with Mercedens-Benz.
    During the Live, there was an owner of the Mercedes-Benz’s sport car parking on priority parking at Jas Urban Sri-na-ka-rin. Precisely, as seen from his appearance, he was ineligible to park on this grand space of priority parking. However, I went to have a talk with the driver about his wrongdoing. He seemed to acknowledge, and admitted it, and then comply my request that he immediately moved his car away. Also, he didn’t forget to apologize for what he did. It was a peaceful ending and I hope he won’t do it again.
  4. A car with young kids.
    For a car loaded with family, including a baby, a security guard told that he let them park because it was raining out there at the moment. However, I firmly stated my commitment that no matter what they, ineligible people, are, they have no right to park on it at any cases. There was always a chance a disabled person would come to the parking at the time. Then, he or she would get in serious trouble, much worse than the family, as there would be no any priority parking left for them.
  5. Security guard with a lack of training.
    A one common mistake I found almost everywhere is the lack of considerable training of the new set of security guards, who are mainly responsible for the priority parking management. From my experiences, these new comers failed to gain proper understanding and right attitude toward practical use of priority parking. They didn’t know exactly what they must do correctly. Some were too flexible that they provided the priority parking to almost everyone who just looked inferior like an old adult. In some cases, they seemed to be misleading as they brought pity and mercy into account for screening in which whom they should give a pass. This uncertain viewpoint would finally cause fluctuation and destroy the rules of conduct, and make PWDs got nowhere.

After scrutiny, we would see things in detail and with broaden perspectives.

My best.

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