The real hero that alive and we all shall not forget “Chris Ben-ja-koon”

A young movie star who became disabled by sacrificing himself to help a victim out of an accident many years ago.
For me, Chris is a superhero in real life. We can see him, meet him in person, touch him, and talk to him over a cup of coffee.

I usually have a meeting around that place and often visit his café.
Normally he was busy at work but not today, so we had some talk over a brilliant cup of coffee.

Friendly in nature and masterful in jokes making, Chris is indeed a charming guy (who has the excellent sales skill lol).

His brave story, and inspiring café, once used to be in the social mainstream many years ago.
Today I would like to remind everyone that we shall not forget our hero!

This real-life hero is still alive and needs some opportunities to enrich his live. Who comes around this area I highly recommend to pay a visit at the café. Apart from what you’ll have some food to eat, I’m sure you’ll be happy from what you’ll take into your heart by talking with him.

60 Plus Bakery by Yamazaki & APCD is entirely run by a group of people with disabilities.
It’s located in the building of the Department for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEP), adjacent to Tuk-Chai intersection.
The nearest BTS station is Victory Monument (20 mins walk, 1.6 km.

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