The power of change, an impressive progress from Korat super cool!!

Thailand’s public transportations is currently flourishing throughout the country, not just Bangkok. More than 5 years I and our strong networks have engaged in countless projects for more equitable accessibility. For part of the Accessibility Is Freedom, we run with our own limited money, so its impact might be modest.

Days ago I got news that there would be a general meeting to gain public opinion in regard to the Light Rail Transit in Korat. Oh boy, this news drove me crazy. I really wanted to attend, but I just can’t make it due to my financial and time. However, afterward, Our member sent me images on LINE group about the event.

Finally I was really impressed by the progress in Korat, Mr. Kwang show up. Hey, you are cool don’t stop! I’m with you!

All networks are trying to make thing betters wherever they are. This is the answer. The regional efforts are crucially indispensable.

Although even I couldn’t attend on any event, I’m sure that the works of us, which focuses on the policy level, would produce the impact to the whole country in some degree.

Now I think we have another T4A in Korat! How nice!
Please help us share this story. Your tiny act, but collectively, could change the society for the better.

Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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