“The disabled’s smashing of the BTS elevator” The Confession of the Incident.

I was invited to give a talk at an exhibition regarding accessibility. I wanted to tell everyone the truth about the incident on last year that why I smashed the BTS elevator. At first, this incident was aggressive and violent which everyone should avoid doing so. But since it already happened, we better find out the reasons.

The Constitution of Thailand has stated clearly that “Human dignity, rights, liberties and equality of the people shall be protected. The Thai people, irrespective of their origins, sexes or religions, shall enjoy equal protection under this Constitution.”

Well written. But in reality, PWDs still cannot do simple things such as going to school, to hospital, or to the workplace by themselves. Just getting to a bus stop nearby their homes seems to be a terrible and dangerous journey. I touched the audiences that behind you there were nice skywalks, staircases, and escalators to facilitate the commuters with ease. But why I, as a disabled, could not get access to that privilege? I just want to use public transports without having to plan carefully in advance. I want that privilege too as you do. It’s a basic public provision that everyone should deserve with equality and accessibility, am I right?

A man in his 50s decided to use violence, smashing the BTS elevator and left his hand seriously injured. It’s done in an attempt to spread the issue to the general public that there are ongoing discrimination and inequality toward PWDs.

It’s an unheard voice that wished to awake the silence of the society, and to ask them that is the right of citizen REALLY EQUAL?

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