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The brainless of invention, the motorcycle pole barrier

A daily scene of motorists driving on sidewalk or against the road direction has become a common thing. Occasionally, the governmental agency has put some efforts to address this problem. But with lack of constant determination and enforcement, the same scenes are always back again.

We went for a field survey at Silom-Bang Rak area, wheeling along the sidewalk from BTS Surasak to Charoen Krung market. The distance was just about 500 meters, very easy for me. However, the condition of the sidewalk itself took this short distance a life-threatening circumstance, even an ordinary pedestrian found difficulty going through. Yet the worse is still to come. We had encountered a pole barriers, designed to prevent motorcycles driving on footpath, all along the way. And we the wheelchair users couldn’t go through it, having to dangerously go down to the road in order to pass it.

The pass-by people there were kind and helpful. Many came to have a talk with us and exchanged some thoughts. The thing is these pole barriers are practically useless because we saw that motorcycles were still able to get through the poles. Thus the pole barriers failed to do what they’re designed to do. They instead made it harder for people to pass by.

Dear motorcyclist: You guys have to respect the rules of law. Your misbehaves also have a terrible impact on our country’s reputation. It’s time to stop being selfish.
Dear Bangkok Governor and every District Management Team: We used to remind you that this is not going to solve the problem at its root. Rather, it is making it harder for the pedestrians. What’s more we have to convince you?

Actually, I feel not alright to use the word “invention” at all.

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