“The best solution is the education and true understanding” : A special lecture on ‘Inclusive Design’ for DBTM Thammasat University

“My dream city is a fully inhabitable city that works for every citizen who can happily live with equality”, said one of many phases I told a group of 102 sophomores from the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University.

I was given a wonderful opportunity to attend as a guest speaker here for the second consecutive year. Before the day, I arranged a meeting with Teacher Ben to discuss on how the contents should be structured as well as the main goal of the lecture. We intended to raise awareness, make critical understanding, and build deep inspiration toward the students on the significance of inclusiveness.

The project plan would include lecturing, field working, consulting how to make a product with inclusive design, and exhibiting. Please stay tuned for the upcoming.

During the end of the 3-hour lecture, a sentence that probably created the most laughter was “In 10 year-or 20 year-time, if you guys are elected as a minister, do not forget Saba!”. It seemed like a joke to make an enjoyment, but I literally meant it. When the time arrives and these young men and women climb up to take the role of leader, who knows they might make a grand impact to our society and the world we live in. I and other hard-working activists would feel totally liberated if they hold this in their minds “We have to make things that work for everyone”.

Time always flies fast especially when we’re happy, so did the lecture. The class was so energetic and full of liveliness. I felt totally honored as a guest speaker to share things with this young generation. I would like to thank teacher Ben and everyone at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University for given us an opportunity to communicate and inspire to these future leaders. They will soon enter the workplace and manifest their potentials from what they’ve learnt: building great city, making great product that completely works for everyone. Eventually, we would have an inhabitable city that we can live happily.

All magnificent images are credited by SleepyNokkie. I also would like to express my gratitude to all parties both front-and-behind the stage.
10 Oct 2018

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