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Thanks to “RAVIN’S TAILOR” for such a nice suit.

I hold one principle that being “looking good” means showing your respect to the people and enhancing my creative confidence.
Language, personality, and outfits, all needs to be done with well preparation. And suit is one of the most important parts I consider first. I have to say that those typical suits selling in the market usually don’t fit to the size and appearance of those who are wheelchair users, which specifically require some special adaption to perfectly match their body as they’re usually sitting all the time and some of their bodies might be slightly different from the mass. Ravin’s
I have ordered my own tailor many times. As I’m a wheelchair user, I need to use the difference design.
I usually told the staff my special demand but the tailor could not make it correctly as they might be familiar with those typical designs for the man who can walk.

So finally I always had to head to Mr. Rawin, Nina’s father, for an extraordinary suit. He sit next to me and grope on me to understand my body, and scrutinize my problems with an eye toward making every aspect of it top-notch to design a suit specifically for me only. I feel comfortable that he tried to understand my condition and so focused on details. He always showed empathy to me and always thoroughly customized what I wanted and the results were always exceptional. He made me felt that I deserved some real consideration, as a customer. Perhaps, his daughter is a wheelchair user too, that’s why he truly understands anyone who requires any extra conditions. Who want to get a nice suit with totally reasonable price, I highly recommend RAVIN’S TAILOR. You would be impressive with the quality and heart-touching you get.

I got to know Nina and her family from Seazar Smile’s recommendation. Nina came to participate with big help in translation work. Then, her family jumped to assist our community as well by sponsoring those nice suits, as well as financial support which was crucially necessary to run this dream. I’m so truly appreciative.

I always remind you that we need to help each other on any way as you can. To encourage and support people like Nina’s family is doing.
This story illustrates such a beautiful thing that there are supporters coming all around along the way we have worked so hard for our society. And they’re always growing bigger and stronger.

This is my goals that I’d like to make it happen, thank you!

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