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Thanks Mr. Non Sa-ard, look-shin-pla’s owner for his great social contribution

I firstly met him almost a year ago when I accompanied with some of my team highlighted that “this fish noodle shop is not just a special one.”

Oh yes its taste was excellent but the very unexpected thing was the accessibility of the shop which was incredibly functional. I didn’t face any difficulty coming in and out. It’s brilliant! We just barely see this kind of thing in common. It’s lovely impressive that I had to make a mini review exclusively for him and you can have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/AccessibilityIsFreedom/posts/1198501383505838

I got an opportunity to have a talk with the owner in person. As our conversation went on, I realized that he was a young new generation with a big-public-mind heart. Besides the noodle thing, he’s deliberate in taking care and in full control of accessibility to be welcome any kinds of customers at all time.

Recently, I got a message from him “P’Saba, I have donated for your project.” Short and sharp.

I’m truly happy to receive more funds to continue the project, but more than happy to have one more great man dedicated himself to engage in the social contribution. All money will go on for the sake of our society’s accessibility.

You guys can always have a check on our Accounting here: https://goo.gl/bVfY6G
Lists of our contributors: https://goo.gl/EFnGD1

To end this, can’t miss it / you have to go and try!!
‘Sa-ard’ in Thai stands for ‘a very clean’ / and ‘look-shin-pla’ is a fish ball.


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