Thailand, the city of the disabled (Sa-Man-Chon-Kon-Thai, Thai PBS)

Ma-noch Poot-tarn went out traveling with the man on wheelchair.
By testing the Bangkok transportation system.

And found that the current transportation system is not connecting together.
To let them easily accessible, have them living by their own life…
Or just because .. we don’t understand the disabled not good enough ???

The story is the transportation in Bangkok.
How those critical system are effecting to them…

There are 2 parts:
Part 1 : Me myself and Khun Sa-wang comment for the transportation system.
Part 2 : How, the Ma-ha-tai have been done doing the accessibilities.

This were been board-cast on Thai PBS since the last 6th, the YouTube is longer cut.
I asked the production team to download video doing the closed caption (as I always do).
To let our work reached to almost everyone as it could be.

Closed caption will be appeared when done.

Thank you to the host Khun Sun, and Khun Diew – the producure as well rest of the great working team, you guys got style.
This is the original link

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