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Thank you “Khun Seazar Smile” for joining our force to create a good social conscience

The work of “Accessibility Is Freedom” Page has been carried out for almost 2 years. As we want our contents to communicate to everyone. English sorely needed. Therefore, I have set up a group called “The power of translator for social”. We have volunteers from all over the world. Adding up time by time. Everyone is willing to work without pay. Many volunteers do not want to show their selves. They said only that “I want to do good things in return for the country” “Khun. Sea” is one person who jump in and help us for quite a while. …

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PWDs leaders tagged team, sent out the concerns signal on the basic accessibility policy of the railway as well as the air transportation system to the minister of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security – Police General : Adul Saengsingkaew

Monday 3 August 2015 The disabled leaders had the opportunity to attend the subcommittee. To drive the environment and public transportation. To support independent living of the disabled. Agenda: Pilot sites to adjust environment to support disabled. And rail system on both old (SRT, MRT, BRT) and new system. We had informed Pol. Gen. Adul Sangsingkeo (Minister of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security – MSDHS) concerning point as below:

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The Disabled Parking Space – After Three Months Still Not Yet Moved (Fashion Island Department Store)

Khun Sea – The Accessibility Is Freedom work force alert me up the issue. I post the issue that “Fashion Island Department Store – The Disabled Parking Space Have Not Yet Fit On The Law” As the attached Khun Sea’s pict post from yesterday. Fashion they still using the normal size parking space being the disabled one as same as 3 months ago.

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