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My visit to DPI-Japan, an organization who mainly involve the basic accessible facilities in Japan

On a journey to study the basic accessible facilities, the most important was to be able to test and examine whether it’s suitable and can be used in our daily lives. This is why I call my trip as a “mission for everyone”. In addition, testing is very important and also the information would be much more valuable when we could hear the stories from people who were being involved and work close to these issues. Finally, I got an opportunity to visit the DPI-JAPAN (http://dpi-japan.org/).

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Shoji san, the one who made a history of Japan movement.

Japan, a great country known for its global economic powerhouse, including electronics, robotics, automobile manufacturing and so on. As a matter of fact a lot of tourists from Thailand pays a frequent visit to Japan. And the transportation accessibilities are also the world best.  I have been doing a lot of research about Japan and accessible stories. However, the information I had received was just not enough. That’s why I decided to travel to Japan so that I can see things from my own eyes and to learn.

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