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Nina, a wonderful young lady, who is ready to fight her heart out!!!

Nina has joined us for fairly long time. She is a part of language translating team who takes up a job role of translating Thai into English. And her works could lately be often seen on the video closed caption. At first, I had a chat with her and I could know that she was a very determined person. Later on, when I first saw her picture then I knew that she was on wheelchair.

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Accessibility Is Freedom and friend visit Siam Paragon and management for the priority parking issue.

Siam Paragon I have been watching the movement of issue of parking lots for PWDs of Siam Paragon for quite a while. It had already been two years for me to frequently visit there, Siam Paragon Shopping Centre. And I sometimes took photos or recorded videos of what related to the problems about the parking. However, I did not have a chance to seriously take matters into my own hands.

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Great improvement in the priority parking at Terminal 21 department store, this is so well done!!

ะ Terminal 21 Visiting shopping centers I have never forgotten to inspect the priority parking bays those they have provided. After having finished checking the elevator installation at BTS station, I made my way to Terminal 21 the shopping centre for my dinner. Yes, I did not forget to drop in at the priority parking area for PWD to check if I could spot some changes or any problems over there. As the time was limited I randomly went to M floor and I could see that the parking bays for PWD were fully occupied. This could be evidence reflecting the excellent …

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Young Gen Meet Up 2014 – Saba and friends as the lecturing at Redemptorist Vocational School for Disabled, Pattaya.

Young Gen Meet Up It has been more than 25 years for me working in the IT field. Ten years after completing my study, I strode forward to follow my dream career, and devoted my soul and time doing what I loved. However, I realised that there were lots of people in our societies were badly in need of the opportunities. This point of view set me forward to become a contributor who worked hard to gratefully return benefits to the societies I lived in. Ten years since then I am still continually working on it.

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