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Saba’s Table : My healthy sandwich

Looked at the ingredient in my refrigerator, there are some vegetables left. The healthy sandwich is my always a choice, lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, avocado and whole wheat bread. This is good for dinner, vegetables!, yes! lower calories. Here you go!, this is my healthy sandwich!! My secret is to add cheese in the sandwich to get the smell and taste as an appetizing. Yummy, dinner time!!!

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An only 9 Baht, you could help saving a little bird life

***The Donation Closed*** I found this a little bird fall? on the ground while I was working out in the morning. I decided to bring him back to my room to check up what was wrong with him, and surprisingly I’ve found that he is in a serious condition. So, I brought him to hospital immediately, the Premier Pet Hospital close to my place. Doctor said that he is in a chronic condition but Doctor will help her as best as they can. And I’ve told that the hospital itself has a service program for stray animal.

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I want you to hear

Since the very beginning that I’ve created this media to encourage Thai society under #SabaLive, there is one thing I still cannot make it, helping the hearing impairment people to reach our work. This problem has been in my mind for a long time. Tomorrow night there will be quite a special SabaLive as it will be the first test for my newest project #LiveAutoCaption (real-time subtitle) and I’d like to invite all of you joining the test and having fun with us! Because Accessibility Is Freedom, and I want you to hear!

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Heartless insurance

In the situation where people around the world have been fighting with the Coronavirus, people feel insecure. So, they have to find something to insure their life. It might be easy for all of you to do the insurance but not for people with disabilities. I have been hearing about Coronavirus insurance denied people with disabilities to do the insurance for a while but didn’t have a chance to deal with.

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‘Power of new generation will cause sustainable change to our country’ | Special lecture: Universal Design for the 3rd year students from faculty of architecture, Thammasat university, Rangsit campus.

In a past few years, we have got contact from Thammasat university, also students who contacted me by them self and professors who asking us to give some special lectures, this year Prof. Han-sa who teaches in ‘UD352-Mega City in the Global South’ also have us a called. “I’m appreciated that professor giving us the opportunity to pass-on our knowledge to the students which is very worth it”, I said that I first met the her.

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