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[Accessible Parking] Can you park a bit nicer please?

The incident took place on an accessible parking at Airport Rail Link (ARL) Hua Mak station. The white car was mine, parking on it since early morning. As you see, I tried to park on the left side as close as possible to allow free space. When I returned back to my car, I found this terrible scene. The red car parked too close that I couldn’t get in! An officer confirmed that the driver was an elderly. This is not the first time. I remember this car behave like this quite often previously. I wish I could meet and …

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The Little Angels and her runner superdad

There are quite many foreigners living in my residence. When I go downstair, I usually meet with these two lovely young girls. Soon, I got to know her personally as well as her dad. One of the lovely little girls, Valentina, has some motor disability called Cerebral Palsy (CP) which has the weakness or problems with brain sending signal and muscles. These make her life quite difficult than the others. While Vanessa, the older sister, is perfectly normal and healthily fit. She did a great job of being a sister, taking care of Valentina nicely. Her dad is a runner, …

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[Case closed] “Is that delivery man disabled?”

Timeline: 1. After we released the first post, within 7 hours, Kerry Express Thailand contacted me to ask for more detail about the incident. They went back to investigate and issue a warning notice to the misbehaved driver. 2. I requested that Kerry should come up with preventive measurements to minimize this kind of problem from happening again in the future. 3. The driver himself called me personally and we exchanged some discussion. This is what I really want, “to have a talk together”. He confessed his wrongdoing and admitted guilt. It’s the first time in his life to park …

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“When your physical body changes, your whole world changes”. –Special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University.

This was some of my talk for students that touched me heartfully during my special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University. During the lecture, We did an experiment illustrating that what would it look, and feel, like to be a disabled. All students were required to perform like in a particular kind of disability such as being blinded and being on wheelchair.

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Dear PM, the public transports shall never leave me behind!

I just got a latest news that the current Prime Minister made a field test on the new modified electric bus. Unfortunately, that’s not an accessible “low-floor bus” (or non-step bus) we would expect. Seen from the picture, there was “a step” inside the bus and obviously even this non-disabled PM needed to have a stone brick in support to prevent his accidental falling. I think we have all the rights to be doubtful about this bus’s efficiency and accessibility.

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A Dangerous Footpath at prominent Victory Monument.

Days ago I posted this an image with a sole comment “such a dangerous footpath”. Today I’d like to elaborate a little more. The footpath is located right next to the elevator when you step off the BTS Victory Monument station. It’s on the “hospital side” (opposite The Ideo Q Victory condo) of the road. Though newly built, this footpath shows signs of malfunction and quickly deteriorates as the followings:

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A footpath problem at the opposite Wat Phta Sri Mahathat. To build a great city for all, we first must begin with a small simple step.

I already posted the problem at this area on my previous post and asked for your opinions. Now, I would like to give a piece of my thoughts. 1. The footpath is so inclined, too inclined even for normal pedestrian to walk. 2. The electric pole is placed at the centre of the footpath, seriously? 3. The footpath is too narrow with other obstacles.

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Giving an interview and advice to undergraduates of Faculty of Communication Arts from Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon

26 September 2020 At Victory Monument, I brought these young students to the ground to give an interview about the rights and equality in getting access. I also provided personal advice from my firsthand experiences. These youths, I admitted, were heavily vibrant and full of creativity. What a fantastic day.

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Solving a problem by building the right understanding. Next month We’ll meet with students from Faculty of Architecture, Inclusive Design Innovation Programme.

ภาพ บางส่วนของจอหมายเชิญพี่ซาบะไปบรรยายพิเศษ

Recently I just got a letter of invitation to give a talk at Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus. Once again, this is not the first time as I used to do so there a year ago. Fresh and vibrant environment, I can’t wait to see the students! Big thanks to Ajarn Nui, DBTM, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus. The sustainable way to solve a problem is to build the right understanding to the young people at the first place. They will soon take over the society and that a big transformation is just inevitable.

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