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[Environment] Dangerous footpath

This is the photo of the Rama 9 Intersection I took a few days ago. It is a thing that we get used to see when we pass by. I am also the one who has grown up in this city and seen this image since I was a child. Today, I simply think that if we want to make solve this problem, we need to do it by ourselves. Let’s call for action! I invite you all. This problem would be gone, if we “all” work together to fix it. Let’s clean up “our house” together.

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Stop violating the People with disabilities rights

According to my last area survey, some might say that it’s “too much”, it’s coming and “can’t hold it”. Here is the picture for an example. In the PTT gas station – Bang Na, there are 2 toilet areas for normal people (male and female). I assume that there should be around 20 rooms in total. However, each area has 1 room for PWDs and one of these two is out of service. So just only 1 left still available.

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Latest news: Bua Yai Junction railway station, Nakhon Ratchasima

According to the image, I have just received the latest news from our associate group. I am glad that “at least” we have some positive news. Anyway, I told them not to be happy yet. We have to wait until it’s all done, make a full trial and proceed with the follow up work closely. This topic will be presented to the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and the Transport Minister as information of problem solving and protection for the entire system.

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Joining a meeting with the Traffic and Transportation Department (TTD) about BTS elevators project and Change Bangkok for everyone campaign

On behalf of the president of a railway accessibility and a following-up of BTS elevators installation group, the representative of T4A association and PWDs, I went to meet Mr. Phanurak Klannurak, director of the TTD, and his board of directors in order to follow up the installation process of additional elevators on BTS stations and also others projects that we may work together in future.

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In memory of Lt.Col. Topong Kulkhanchit, PWDs activist

At the beginning of my working age, I had a chance to help a computer department in the organization where Topong worked. I had also my first driving experience with his old sedan. Topong made a lot of contributions for PWDs. His works always stay in memory and inspire us all along. Those who work in front stage nowadays all must have worked with him. On 7 June every year, we will miss him.

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