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The priority car parking problem, more than special rules need for our country

Seacon Srinakarindra One of the best ranking on the accessible facilities on our board since for a long time. I went there 2 days ago, at the new car park building lower floor there were cars were fully parked. I went up to the higher floor to find a free space. Since from the beginning, I’ve never touched the one are doing fine instead I always cheering up them. I saw they’re been doing a very good job, provided a very good priority parking and facilities.

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Brand New Seacon Square Sri-na-ka-rin after the renovation, Fully Accessible Facilities, the best priority car parking & excellent service

Seacon Square Sri-na-ka-rin, during the past 2015 – 2017, Seacon Square, Sri-na-ka-rin has been significantly improving its priority parking as well as accommodation facilities. After hearing that it’s fully reopened in service, I set myself to take a tour there: The new improved list. New Parking Building: providing 2,500 capability Disable Parking: located right next to the entrance of each floor. Its standard was so good as always. Disable Parking Capability: as I observed, there were 5 lots only on the first floor, and 2 lots for each remaining floor. Mall entrance: designed to serve for both stair and slope. …

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