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Our 2nd Time at the Grand Opening of Microsoft YouthSpark Project, Thank You Everyone from All Parties.

Microsoft YouthSparkis a community project from Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and its partners that has been running for 5 years. Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity for the 2nd time to engage its grand opening day. As a senior, if you like, I couldn’t miss this chance to visit and have a cheer talks at firsthand with this great young generation. It was also my pleasure to have a conversation for the 1st time with Mr.Dha-na-wat Su-thum-pun, Managing Director at Microsoft (Thailand).

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Update ‘The Sharity Project’ for the first year

SharityOne of the most proud achievements was various vital contributions to help supporting those who were disadvantaged. The above image was captured during the end of the last year in which I had a chance to give a special lecture at The Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities, in Pattaya. Two of them as on the left most and the right most are the boys that I pulled them out from their home.

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Young Gen Meet Up 2014 – Saba and friends as the lecturing at Redemptorist Vocational School for Disabled, Pattaya.

Young Gen Meet Up It has been more than 25 years for me working in the IT field. Ten years after completing my study, I strode forward to follow my dream career, and devoted my soul and time doing what I loved. However, I realised that there were lots of people in our societies were badly in need of the opportunities. This point of view set me forward to become a contributor who worked hard to gratefully return benefits to the societies I lived in. Ten years since then I am still continually working on it.

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