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#SabaLive : Survey on the priority parking at Central Rama3

Video Link : https://www.facebook.com/AccessibilityIsFreedom/videos/1566269750062331/ SabaLive at Central Rama3 and here are what we found: The whole department store is in intensive renovation process and due to fully reopen end of this year. Incredibly, steel poles are used to design the boundary of priority parking. I personally just don’t favor this kind of practice. It just looks too seriously. But since many customers are lacking understanding of its role to serve the needed one, it is here as it should be. Those security guards are aware of and know all the rules. They’re willing to protect what is right. Well done sir! …

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Fashion Island shopping mall / The priority parking with a very good service

Fashion Island A well-known and leading shopping mall in Ram-in-thra area. However, previously, this mall was just like any others that had poor design and accessibility on priority parking. They didn’t comply the regulations on how priority parking should be nicely provided. Service quality that needed improvement. It occurred just around this time a year ago. So we rushed to give them some pieces of advice and tried to engage in practical processes. Surprisingly, within a month, everything was wholly transformed to the better. The speed they changed was impressively fast.

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