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T4A’s train station accessibility at Bangkok Purple Line MRT, Nonthaburi 1 Station with the Ministry of Transport’ advisor.

MRT Purple Line is one of the problematic metro train systems and ‘Station access level quite low’ because the station size is very large and with the method of ‘One elevator per side’ and since the road physical is very width also cars runs very fast (6 lanes on each side), people generally cross the road using a overpass only.

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Is it true that the Bangkok’s MRT Purple Line fails to lawfully provide elevators and ramps with adequacy and perfect conditions is because the cost of doing so is too high?

The answer is “NO”. The cost of the installation of elevators and ramps on every access point on every station account for just about 1% of the whole project’s cost. To say, no matter the cost, this is a thing that needs to be done. There is no excuse of not doing that and even the law has regulated this clearly since 13 years ago. Importantly, given this emphasis, the Prime Minister has stated firmly that “We won’t leave anyone behind.”

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Why the disability rights activists and networks make a prosecution to Bangkok’s MRT Purple Line?

Because it fails to provide, by law, the accessible infrastructure and its additional supports with perfect conditions which make PWDs, as well as less-abled persons, difficulties in getting access with maximum comfort and safety. This is especially true on elevators, with its ramps, in which there are only two of them installed on each station although each station comprises of four entrances-and-exits.

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Do you know that the total elevator expense on MRT Purple line costs just less than 1% of the total cost of the project?

The MRT Purple line is on servicing for over a year now. Unfortunately, its elevator access has already been installed just a half of the total. There are still 32 elevators to go which each costs around 10 million baht. So, the remaining elevators’ total expense will be around 320 million baht comparatively to the total construction cost of the whole project which is around 60,000 million baht, accounts just 0.5% approximately. This number is compelling to the World Bank’s research as quote “Research has demonstrated that the cost of accessibility is generally less than 1% of total construction costs; …

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Accessible Survey on MRT Purple line: Bang Yai – Tao Poon (after its official launch)

Saturday, 13 August, 2016 It was my first time to go testing a ride on MRT Purple line after its official launch on 6 August 2016. I always get in touch with its construction and progress for two years. Now it is such good news to know that has been opened already. So I don’t waste myself a minute to go see it at first hand. Survey from Afternoon-Evening: Park & ride building – Khlong Bang Phai station Testing stair lift – Bang Plu station Testing stair lift, checking a connected skywalk between MRT Bang Son – SRT Bang Son …

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Why our government doesn’t provide fully accessible facilities, “Elevators and Ramps…. These are enough!!”

It is not easy to encourage people with disabilities to step out of their comfort zone and start living-out to the public communities. It is the government’s responsibilities to help them having normal living life and also living equally and in harmony with people in their communities. Some of community’s facilities such as accessible parking lots should be built differently due to extra accessing spaces are needed. If we can choose, people with disabilities would love to share facilities and live peacefully in the community. That’s right, we don’t want to be viewed as aliens in the community. Elevator is one of facilities which …

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