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Accessible Parking: Field Observation at Tesco Lotus Khon Khaen Province

A problem and misuse regarding accessible parking exist everywhere else throughout Thailand. For the developer, their major responsibility is to correctly build it according to the legal regulation as well as keep it in good management and maintenance. We’re invited to go to Khon Khaen province for work. It’s such a lovely and unforgettable trip. After the official job, we were on our way and went exploring at a Tesco Lotus. I had made a field observation and met with in-charged people as well as their management executive to discuss this topic of accessible parking. It’s delighted that they’d already recognised this …

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“The Smart City” through the eyes of Khon Khaen’s Vice Governor.

Since we had a chance to visit Khon Khan, we couldn’t miss but to meet with the city’s leader. After the official event completed, with the inclusive connection, we finally had an opportunity to meet with the city’s Vice Governor in person. The Khon Kaen’s “Smart City” masterplan is one of many projects in the National Economic and Social Development Plan. The city is going to be elected as the leading model for urban development in every dimension. This is great since making things right at first would reduce any costs of modification in the long-run. Although the time was …

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