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SabaLive: Equality of life is possible at Jas Urban with Andrew Biggs & DanNeramit

It was a splendid field work to see what was really happening in our real life. We intended to do it without any advance preparation. We wanted to make it real, natural, and authentic as much as possible. So, its outcome was typically what we’re facing in our society. It showed urban outlook in the sense of accessibility and social perspective toward priority parking, as well as PWDs.

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Priority Parking – the story : ‘just a minute!’

This incident occurred at the very same place, The JAS Urban. I’d done my dinner and about to leave here. At the moment, I accidentally saw a pickup truck, on the picture above, was trying to park on a blank priority parking. They came as a whole family without anyone disabled. A woman was getting off the car. I suddenly opened my window and said “Excuse me, you’re parking on a priority parking”

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Incredible! A brand-new community mall near my home has done such a great job!

JAS Urban SrinakarinA new fabulous community mall in Srinakarin area has been completed and now opened for full service. This place is very close to my home as I drove by almost everyday. It’s such an impressive feeling that I saw its progress from the ground years ago until fully finished. So I managed my time to have a look. After exploring the overall of the mall, I had to delivery my compliment to its management team as its accessibility was systemically in top-notch level. Let’s take a look on the following;

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