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MRT Restroom Story: Men&Women-always open but not for the disabled one!

There is sometimes I need to use a restroom when I take a ride on MRT blueline. I have been traveling by using the metro train for very long ago. Just like you, there are some times I need to use a restroom in urgency. Well, but the disabled restroom is always closed while the rest are all open freely. There is always a sign stating that “Out of service. Sorry for any inconveniences.” I don’t know what is the logic behind this but it’s such an incredibly wrongdoing. It should be all open all the time during service hours.    

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No Rights No Freedom

    “Basic Civil Rights” Everyone has probably heard this somewhere. This words clearly written in our country’s laws. For people who are healthy one may not pay much attention, they may feel unrelated or may not even feel it and I do really understand all of you. Alright, today let me tell you my little stories.

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