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Welcome to Thailand! ‘The Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group And Region Focus) In Independent Living And Mainstreaming For Persons With Disabilities In Africa 2019’

The 15 years of program was fund by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and held by the Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI). Every year there would from participants from many friends around the world. The training course began from Japan and then Bangkok. Thailand, this year is the third year that we join the program, welcoming guests. Today we brought our new friends to have a tour around Bangkok. We travelled to the old and new public transport systems to give them a glimpse of how the system in Bangkok look like.

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Surprisingly met our friends . ..

At the Suwannaphum International Airport, I was waiting to say good bye the other friends. Jeab messaged me that they’re heading to the airport. Surprisingly that I see Khun Yupa & her family (and with a little cute girl & boy + MiyamotoSan!!). Have a great trip back!

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Taking new friends for a new ride and shopping (African Training 2017, DPI-Japan, JICA)

DPI APAs AccessibilityIsFreedom, is a member of Transportation For All (T4A https://www.facebook.com/Transportation4all/), has a wonderful opportunity to get involvement in collaboration with DPIAP in a magnificent project called, African Training 2017. Our job is to provide information of Bangkok’s transportation accessibilities. We will work together for two days. Today is the first day and our team took them to have a ride at BTS and MRT, a major sky train and subway system in Bangkok, to test their functionality and accessibility.

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