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6 Years ago, before I jumped-on fighting for the accessible parking and accessible facilities issue

The parking and accessible facilities in Thailand has defined in the law since 14 years ago. In the picture my car (BMW 3539) was parked on the right at Central Bang-na department store and there were many car parking in the accessible parking space and can’t be verified and we were seeing this happening all around in our country. Two years later, I published my first video clip and working on this issue and have been working on up until now. Now, we can be said in Thailand ‘mostly all public places’ have been fixing all their accessible facilities very …

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The Priority Parking survey at Central Bangna, I feel worry

I came across here since I got a business discussion with my friend. I couldn’t help but went observing its priority parking down there at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor of the mall. The result was that only the 4th-floor one was left for the parking. It seemed there was a high demand on this type of parking. I always saw those ineligible people who were indeed unnecessary to park on this spot but insisted to do so: pregnant but perfectly good condition, or an elderly with good health.

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Priority parking survey : Central Bangna

After I post clip#1, there are a lot of good respond back. Today me and Bright TV News were been doing the parking lot survey. This is the 2nd time for location checking, thanks to Bright TV News good crew – good work. We are doing a better change for our society together. YouTube: https://youtu.be/tYGqdnRaiyE

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