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[Accessible Parking] Can you park a bit nicer please?

The incident took place on an accessible parking at Airport Rail Link (ARL) Hua Mak station. The white car was mine, parking on it since early morning. As you see, I tried to park on the left side as close as possible to allow free space. When I returned back to my car, I found this terrible scene. The red car parked too close that I couldn’t get in! An officer confirmed that the driver was an elderly. This is not the first time. I remember this car behave like this quite often previously. I wish I could meet and …

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[Airport Rail Link] – The provision of steel ramp service is available at all stations, Just ask officer if you need it.

Last Tuesday was my first field survey after long Bangkok’s lockdown. Some of ARL officers still remember me. We exchanged warm greeting happily. Every trip of mine is the investigation in itself. This time I took ARL service from Huamark to Makkasan station. They provided me a wheelchair ramp in getting access with warm service mind and professional hospitality. I highly satisfied. Note: You can ask officer at anytime when you need a wheelchair ramp service. They’re well-trained and more than happy to assist you.

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We’re not doing for only PWDs but for everyone…(PostToday)

I said on the PostToday interviewed: “Our law has clear defined, people are all equal, we are all the same, we are human. You will definitely be the people with disabilities in the future.” Thanks to PostToday Ref  to this link: http://www.posttoday.com/social/general/485876 (In Thai)    

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Mission completed, guided my new friends tried out Bangkok Metro Trains

Strong Network is what I’m always paying attention for, specially friends from oversea. Some of their member are interesting and working on the accessibility since so long. They wanted to try out our Bangkok Train system, yes we’re on the same page. But it was not easy for a group of my new friends from Singapore to try out by them self. So I volunteered on the last day to send them back, travelling from Siam area to the Su-varn-na-phu-mi International Airport. We could also save some money too.

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