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Better Design Better Living : A Wheelchair and Stroller Restraint on Public Bus

Accessible & SafetyWe got a good news from Singapore is testing the stroller restraint on public bus (Link ref : https://goo.gl/35kdPL). I, as a wheelchair user was extremely affected by an impractical layout design on public bus, which had mostly lower safety standard. And thought that this issue should be brought to the front line as one of priority concerns. After my trial abroad on public transportation in countries, I would like to share my opinions:

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How life of a wheelchair user looks like on the public space of Singapore?

“Because accessible facilities is essential for everyone.” Any overseas trip of the Accessibility Is Freedom has one sole aim: to observe and learn the different surrounding environment, and bring it to improve our country. In term of “public space,” which is the main focus of this article, I spent the whole 6 days in Singapore to wander around the city with no less than 10 km/day. My discovery in its accessibility lies in the followings.

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Rules with an appropriate enforcement, make the right engagement for better social living.

Accessibility Is Freedom journey is for leaning. We would like to see the difference, and bring back for the better development of our country. One of the things that we have learnt from Singapore is, (almost) anywhere we go, there will always have an information. And there are common rules that everyone respect. Just like this stickers of common rule on the floor. If there are none of this, people will be people would just walk in and out of the elevator with un-order. But with this, everyone just follow and do it naturally. To grow up the quality of the …

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The Disabled Parking Space at Singapore, 100% there is no rail-block and 10,400THB fine

Of course, our first goal we would like to check out is the disabled parking spaces. At Singapore from 6 days of living: + 100% no rail-block (in Thailand cause us can’t use the spaces by ourself) + No Ignored People (Well, would say usually / it is not 100% will tell you later) + And it is 10,400 THB fine. This definitely clearly shows the society quality.

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