T4A in co-operation with the PWDs associations is suing the Bangkok City Hall for 1,436 ML THB for failed to complete the installation of elevators and accessible facilities at the BTS.

9 May 2018

A group of PWDs activist, Transportation For All (T4A), is gathering with other groups of PWDs networks to proceed prosecuting Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for failure to completely install all BTS elevators and infrastructure. This inability to comply is against the order from the Supreme Court which had issued the mandate previously. The group also claimed that the incidence has terribly costed the estimated damage of 1,436 million Baht.

It is a major event where we need the gathering of groups of PWDs. Our networks and alliance have spread out around the country. We are the only group of PWDs who role an in-dept engagement. We are a kind of people who are passively affected and, at the same time, are scholar who try to utilize our skills and knowledge in areas of expertise to tackle the problem.

On behalf of Saba and Accessibility Is Freedom, my main duties can be classified into two: coordinating with government sector including deep engagement and providing useful insights, and collaborating with groups of PWDs in every movement.

Our prime goal is to do anything to enhance accessibility and supportive infrastructure of all public transportations to fulfill the law. (Ironically, the government writes the law, but they themselves can’t do what they wrote.)

“When you can’t go out anywhere, your are dead.”
I only hope that the ideal of great accessibility and infrastructure would be happened during my lifetime. Also, I would like to remind you that this thing is not only about PWDs, it is all about you. Look around and be sincere, you all have a chance to use it sooner or later. And you can’t be standstill.

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