Stop violating the People with disabilities rights

According to my last area survey, some might say that it’s “too much”, it’s coming and “can’t hold it”. Here is the picture for an example.

In the PTT gas station – Bang Na, there are 2 toilet areas for normal people (male and female). I assume that there should be around 20 rooms in total. However, each area has 1 room for PWDs and one of these two is out of service. So just only 1 left still available.

Firstly, I would like to let you know that, in any case, PWDs don’t want to be different because “we are all human”. But in some cases, like toilets and parking spaces for PWDs, we can’t make it all “extra-large” due to space and financial reason. We have to build it accordingly to the population ratio and this thing has finally become the “law” that is applied “all over the world”.

Even today I try to explain and that you don’t get it, tomorrow you might be the one who sit in a wheelchair, having difficulties in peeing and pooping. All you can do is to wait in front of the toilet which is occupied by “a healthy person” who is happily emptying his bowel because of your word saying that it’s “too much”.

For all of you.

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