Shoji san, the one who made a history of Japan movement.

Japan, a great country known for its global economic powerhouse, including electronics, robotics, automobile manufacturing and so on.
As a matter of fact a lot of tourists from Thailand pays a frequent visit to Japan.
And the transportation accessibilities are also the world best. 

I have been doing a lot of research about Japan and accessible stories. However, the information I had received was just not enough. That’s why I decided to travel to Japan so that I can see things from my own eyes and to learn.

The way I travel is not the same from others. There are reasons I had to extend my trip was because traveling to Japan for the second time. My objective was to talk to more people who working on the line of my interests. Khun Sao-wa-lak and Khun Sa-wang the T4A member, helped me to get connected to Shoji San.

Su-porn-tum told me:
He is a person who offered a lot of help to Thailand and many other countries since almost 20 years ago.

Shoji San gets us connected to visit DPI-JAPAN, this is the great opportunities trip.

Mr. Shoji used to be responsible for DPI-JAPAN, but now he takes care of his own organization Human Care (
As soon as I arrived on, he introduced me to all his staff.
On our meeting, Mr. Shoji told me about the starting of his movements in Japan since
He showed me the videos and news of the persons with disabilities protesting at the Shinjuku train station since 18 years ago.
We have had the transportation updated on both Japan and Thailand.

The summary from Mr. Shoji and DPI-JAPAN:

1. Nowadays there is no need of protesting because they have amended the laws and everyone follows it.
2. Platform Lift : Japan does not use, no more / only some old stations left.
There are some country still using it, some of them have the serious accidents.
This information means a lot to me and especially hearing it from him directly it’s even more meaningful.

We had a good lunch together and in the afternoon we were doing a site visit on Hachioji area led by his team.

Before we left, he told me for a short words: “We are working for the future generations…”

From traveling twice to Japan I see that the overall picture of problems in creating basic accessibility for Japan and Thailand are the same.
We got all a very good law defined, but our country just don’t follow.

In the end Nakanishi san asked me that visiting Japan on your own expenses must be very expensive.
“Yes it is, very very expensive but this is what can we do…” : I replied her.

I came back to Thailand with a very full of happiness.
Thank you to Shoji San, HumanCare team and DPI-Japan for a very kind welcome.
I’m sure that we will see each other again.

Yes we’re working for the future generations…

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08.05.2017 3:47pm


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