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#SabaLive special episode “5th Anniversary” (Full version)

Featuring with our guests from all around the world:
– Khun Awn, our lead fundraiser (from Australia)
– Khun Joom, Director-General of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (from Bangkok)
– Khun Andrew Biggs (from Bangkok)
– Khun Lauren Avery, Saba’s Angle (from the UK)
– Khun Michael Yon, a journalist (from Hong Kong)
– Khun Dai, our beloved team member (from Bangkok)

It’s quite a super long livestream video because I wanted to summarize what we’ve been doing since then until now and to the future, which covered the followings:
– Ongoing and future projects
– Income and expenses
– Objective achievements

Please take your time to watch it. (And don’t forget to bring some popcorn!)
I really would like to thank everyone for your kind supports.


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