Ride The train, go suing Bangkok Gov at the Civil Court.

As we are represented to be a coordinator as well as a group of social activists who has monitored, now mainly, the construction of BTS’s disabled elevator for a year. Today we are heading to the Bangkok’s Civil Court to address this late non-fixed issue of the elevator. We are proud to give vital contribution as a supporter and to tell our society the cold fact. We perceive this, and oncoming, problems through the lens of possibility and are willing to take on just about anything that comes along the way. Some of our projects and campaigns might not be succeeded in the past. But as a whole, we realize any failures as an important part of learning process to prosperity.

It is surprisingly fascinating that there are diverse groups of supporters, who have common goals, gathering together for one ultimate purpose. Even my foreign friend drove himself from Hua Hin to join with us as well as a Western photographer comes along to fight for equality because we have the same perspective that everybody has the right to get good accessibility as well as good quality of life.

We’ve done successfully on drawing attention from media. There are numerous correspondents today who are willing to tell the truth to our society, who strongly challenge to break traditional assumptions of what disabled people could and should be, and who believe in faith that everyone were born equally, just an additional input to help those in need.
Thank you all for your radical collaboration. I appreciate that. I also want to thank N’Ga-Tib from ProgressTH, who is always on my side, and Todd Photography for his great snapshots

Last but not least, I would like to thank everybody for coming today. You may not know that your involvement could generate enormous value for further development in our society.

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