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Problem solving in a ‘new normal’ way, our real ability!

Problem solving in a new normal way, our real ability!

Today I’d like to share with you some of our main progresses during the last month that we’ve collaborated and supported the wide range of our networks. Things are quite impressive actually. As long as I can remember they are:
1. The accessible parking design at Sa-mi-ti-vej Sri-na-ka-rin Hospital / work done in 1 week.
2. The physical barrier around the subway entrance at MRT Bang Pho station / issue reported, and acknowledged, to the top management within 10 minutes.
3. The accessible parking’s poor administration and misuse at Makro Nakhon Pa-thom / solutions ordered by the top management within 6 hours, and applied to all branches throughout the country

These issues were initially reported by our fellow friends. I then just spread them to a more extensive level for further corrections.
I believe this is what we can do as an active citizen, and as a duty everyone could always help to ameliorate the society.

We simply just to begin observe and pay attention to what’s going on around us. You might see the unseen, think the unthinkable, or imagine the unimaginable of what’s previously impossible.

You are all could be “THE ONE” who makes a little bit better to our society for ourselves, and for the next generations to come.


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