‘Power of new generation will cause sustainable change to our country’ | Special lecture: Universal Design for the 3rd year students from faculty of architecture, Thammasat university, Rangsit campus.

In a past few years, we have got contact from Thammasat university, also students who contacted me by them self and professors who asking us to give some special lectures, this year Prof. Han-sa who teaches in ‘UD352-Mega City in the Global South’ also have us a called.

“I’m appreciated that professor giving us the opportunity to pass-on our knowledge to the students which is very worth it”, I said that I first met the her.

At the first plan I was invited only a day but I asked her for the additional times to bring the students to the real experience by them self.

Yesterday, an English lecturing  which was the first day it took 2 hours (a bit long) and another two for having fun around building-field trip.
Students were having fun and showing the interest that they were experienced using toilet and went out buying some drink. Which day are usually doing these things pretty easily but on wheelchair it is another world.

Thank you Mr. M who has helping us along the way, a special support team and teacher Han-sa, and the faculty of Architecture that have been being aware of these problems and the people who effected.

Universal Design is not only help people with disabilities but for everyone. After the lecture we will continue working together and solving the problem constantly by giving NEW GENERATION knowledges and makes them fully understand the problems.

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