Our job is to speak loudly, and most importantly to ‘Speak the Truth’

Yesterday, we had a chance to show those international reporters both the MRT and BTS stations.
I started our conversations with “I am concerned about Thailand’s big picture” and gave a scenario

“Mr. Sam who is in a wheelchair and came to Thailand and faced several inconveniences due to the lack of facilities for disabled people.
What impressions would he convey back home, about Thailand?”

We started our journey from Su-wan-na-phum Thailand International Airport by taking the ARL, then the MRT and finished the journey at A-sok Train Station which is in Bangkok’s Central Business District.In Thailand, the law states that the service providers, either the local councils or the private contractors, must provide infrastructure services. During our journey, we saw problems from the lack of building infrastructure services, both from inadequate facilities and from building new facilities.
The fact is that, an accessible facility is easier to build than modify an inadequate one. Trying to improve an inadequate facility is nearly impossible and wasting the country’s budget.

Since I have been doing the “Accessibility Is Freedom” project, I have been sharing the truth and saying it loud. With help from everyone in the past 3 years, our voices have been heard all over the world. My first priority is to help people who do good work, solve the issues and make those issues better. I will support everyone and make sure our voices will be heard.
Lastly, everyone of us will benefit from this project.

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