No Mask is Violation


Yesterday, I went to Villa Market at Paradise Park. I saw three foreign girls picking out things to buy and talking passionately. One of them pulled her mask down under her chin. I waited reluctantly for a while because I needed to get something from that area. The girls continued their conversation and didn’t seem like they were going to move any time soon, so I moved closer and decided to speak.

“Mam , MaM, M-A-M, can you please wear your masks?”
I needed to speak louder because the girls were too caught up in their own conversation. When they heard me, I looked at me with confused expressions and immediately pulled up their masks. Then they just walked away.

This branch of Villa Market is small. I continued shopping for a while, but then I saw those three foreign girls again and also saw that their masks were pulled down to their chin again. I approached the security guard and advised him that he should “tell the customers that not wearing masks is against the law.”

The situation in Thailand right now is NOT GOOD. We are in lockdown and many areas are requiring serious measures. The number of hospitals and doctors are not enough as the number of patients rapidly increases. In addition, the amount of vaccines is also insufficient. The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) is announcing news every day. The news is in English too, which is great. However, I think they could still do more, such as by creating more graphic work to spread the information to the foreigner.

We often find that foreigners are not quite cooperating in these times, but whatever your nationality is, if you are in Thailand, you need to follow the Thai law. In fact, it is the responsibility of everyone, wherever you are, to cooperate in measures that would stop the spread of the virus because in the end, the consequences can affect the whole world.

These times demand immediate actions. Not following these actions can be in violation of the law. I hope the CCSA will implement strict rules and punishments. Otherwise, the number of people infected with COVID-19 will surely continue to increase.


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