Meeting: Physical Conditions and Connectivity of the New MRT stations

After we have conducted field survey at the stations so many times, today I and Mr. Ood, on behalf of Transportation For All (T4A), participated in a meeting with the Department of Rail Transport (DRT) in regard to physical improvement surrounding the stations to be accessible for all.

Brand-new MRT stations that clearly manifest a flaw for improvement include Tha Pra, Bang Pai, Bang Wa, and Sanam Chai stations. The meeting, in overall, was to identify each individual holes (flaws), grouped them together and found a holistic solution. We deliberately classified the incoming works as urgent and long-term. The meeting also consisted of representatives from various public sectors who actively provided recommendations and shared their personal viewpoints. They also insisted to put the plans into action.

I would like to thank the Deputy Director of DRT who served as the host of the meeting, making it tight and systematic. Also, big thanks to DRT team for such an abundance of useful and updated information.

A collaboration between public sector and citizens is always crucial in every society to solve any given particular problems. The policy by previous, and current, government still makes a strong conviction to reduce inequality—leaving no one behind—and build a seamless travel experience. The Prime Minister often insists his cabinet regarding this, and we’re constantly seeing constructive improvements.

Accessibility infrastructure is built for everyone. You will need it, sooner or later. Equality of access, be it public transport or urban space, is the first step to make equality of opportunity for everyone so that they can give themselves a bit of sustainable development.

I strongly believe that Thailand would become a top-class of the accessibility world in the near future. Don’t be underground, help us to spread off the news.

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