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Japanese restaurant it is not easy to grab a seat for wheelchair, but the wonderful thing happened

Japan, the space is smaller than our country. As the law of demand and supply, when supply is low while demand is high, the land price is typically expensive. This brings about criticism whether majority of people are able to reach and afford to live in a city center with this costly price or not. This unavoidably causes most shops and restaurants in Japan’s big cities has limited space as well as limited accessibility.

On the picture above, it was a tiny restaurant nearby my hotel when I stayed since my first trip to Japan. I found quite difficulty finding a seat here. All seats were full, and I told a receptionist, who looked as if the restaurant owner, that I was more than happy to wait. Soon after that, I saw a group of men just finished their meal and looked like they wanted to chitchat for a while, which I was truly ok for that.

However, the owner rushed to say something with the group, I guessed he convinced them that there was another waiting customer. They began to realize I was awaiting and so, got up to give the seat for me. I felt really impressive. Even though they’re recognized there was someone awaiting, they had the right, and still acceptable manners, to sit and continue chitchatting just for a while. But they did choose to end their talk and gave the seat to me.

Although this kind of restaurant inevitably face accessibility problem due to its extremely tiny space, the public mind, compassion, and empathy from Japanese people reduce its damage greatly. It has succeeded in both physically and psychologically. This is why Japan ranks the best accessibility in the world.

Anyway, this Japanese beer is absolutely brilliant!

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